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Everyone can benefit from mobility exercises regardless of age, gender, training schedule or lifestyle. Struggling with tight hip flexors and back after sitting all day?

Do you have difficulty clasping your hands together behind your back to reach between your shoulder blades? Consistent mobility training can help improve the way your body moves and feels during daily activities and exercise. If you still need convincing, here are five more benefits of mobility training:

1.       Performing mobility can improve posture

Normal day-to-day activities can take a serious toll on your body posture and alignment. If you are the type of person that spends eight hours a day driving a desk, it’s more than likely you have a rounded upper back and shoulders, along with tight hip flexors. Performing mobility exercises can correct these changes and prevent the nasty headaches and pains which come with poor posture long term.

2.       Mobility training reduces your risk of injury

Our body is a beautifully integrated system. For every movement there are numerous muscles, tendons and ligaments which work together in unison. If joint mobility is reduced, other muscles, tendons and ligaments are overworked to compensate. This can lead to strains and injuries.

3.       Decreased muscle soreness

Tight muscles can pull on a joint and cause pain. Pain in the front of the knee is a common complaint and is often related to tightness in the quadricep muscles. Use a foam roller to roll out the quads, which can almost instantly release muscle tightness and reduce pain.

4.       Active relaxation

Forms of mobility training like yoga can act as a form of mental relaxation and reduce stress alongside improving your strength, balance and flexibility.

5.       Improve your regular workout routine

Adding mobility exercises to your current training or workout routine also improves your body’s flexibility and ability to move freely. A body that moves freely performs better! Quite simply, when you perform a movement using a joint’s full range of motion you can engage more muscles. The more muscle you can recruit, the more powerful and intense your exercise is.

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