James's Body Transformation

Making health a priority with Peak Body Coaching

Jame’s career was great, however his unpredictable schedule often meant poor food choices and he had little time for exercise, which ultimately lead to his body fat and weight gain. James lost over 26% body fat with us and 28kg a total reduction in his body weight. Now, he works healthy habits into his busy calendar with a combination of strength and HIIT workouts and by prepping healthy meals in advance – and he’s now obviously glowing as a result.


Sarah hadn't exercised since she was a teenager. Sarah was weak, hunched, misaligned and suffered for years without doing anything about it. She was referred to Coach Manny Duarte's posture care program" Sarah has now strengthened her my mind and body, Sarah now leads a healthier lifestyle the natural way."


Ben was a long distance multi marathon runner, he really wanted to improve his total body strength and gain more muscle mass after having several issues with his knees due to long distance repetitive strain. Ben started with our 6-8 week strength training  plan and followed our posture care and diet modifications. In only 8 weeks Ben has increased  his strength by 30% and reduced his body fat by 8%. Ben continues to make good progress today and now does less long distance running. 

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