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Medicine ball training
Jana Sanchez

Jana Sanchez

I highly recommend Coach Manny as a professional trainer. I recently selected Manny based on his thoughful and accurate assessment of my core and posture imbalances that were being irritated by running. Very happy with how i feel and look,  He's also lovely to work with as he never makes me feel that i'm not trying my best.


Anell Hondus

The training is challenging but at the right level for me. Coach Manny knows exactly when to increse or decrese the levels of intensity and exercises to match my performance on any given day. He keeps me motivated and making progress. In such a short time frame i've made great strength results. Coach Manny is a detailed in his approach, devoted and a true mentor.  

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Sarah Khan

I hadn't exercised since i was a teenager, i was weak, hunched, misaligned and suffered for years without doing anything about it. I am so grateful that i was referred to Coach Manny and his fitness programmes. Manny is truly a master of his craft. His professionalism and years of experience has helped to stregthen my mind body and soul the natural way. 


James Saba

Coach Manny advised me on proper eating habits, he provided me with challenging but fun workouts and even help me select the right supplements that my body was missing. I really couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Coach Manny to anyone.  

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