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The Back To Life Posture Care E-Book

FREE on Kindle Edition

Finally no need to wait there is no need to feel pain or discomfort, especially when you're working at your desk or you just have to remain seated for long periods of time. Whether your personal goal is to get stronger, more stable, reduce neck, shoulder or back discomfort, feeling more energised or just moving better without pain. The Back To Life Posture Care E-Book is the solution. With our experience in Personal Training and Posture Improvements we are sure this guide will help you.

This step by step guide to posture care teaches you:

  • What is posture?

  • What is stability? 

  • The relationship between posture and stability

  • Common causes of instability and bad posture 

  • The benefits of a good posture.

  • How to reduce discomfort caused by bad posture.

  • Simple exercises that can enhance posture and stability

  • Improve posture, stability, awareness mobility and flexibility with corrective exercises

  • How to live a life free from postural pain.

Posture Care E-Book
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